Sensoria Smart Socks are a new technology that allows you to wear a sock and an anklet that reports pressure information to an app on your phone or your tablet. This information allows you to see if there is an area of your foot that is putting more pressure in a specific area. This allows you to adjust your foot placement when you are running so that you have better technique while running.

For some people, there is a deformity in the foot that makes your natural foot placement not what is considered optimal foot placement. This is actually very common and it is harder to find a person that meets the “normal” foot type than what it is to meet someone who has some amount of deformity. Now for many people, you will never realize that you have this deformity because it doesn’t cause you any pain. As we age though, the deformity may become more prominent in the form of calluses on your feet.

Podiatrists use orthotics to help your foot stop compensating for the variations in your foot type. This effectively brings your pressure back to being evenly spread across your foot. We have used pressure measuring technology like this for many years to evaluate people who are diabetic for pressure points. The concern with diabetics is that they may not feel pain from a callus or a blister forming like you may.

These socks are a really cool invention because they help runners to be more aware of their pressure points. For more permanent correction though, it’s important to get evaluated by a podiatrist. If you are having trouble with foot pain that’s slowing you down, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell Wachtel in North Andover, Lowell, and Haverhill, MA, today!