Caring for children’s feet is critical from very early age.
We help babies and toddlers who have problems with their feet.

A Podiatrist for Childrens Feet

From the moment we are born, foot care is an important aspect of life. Dr. Mitchell Wachtel takes pride in the care our office provides to people of all ages. We are here to serve your family with all of the pediatric podiatry care your children may require.  It is very important to catch foot problems in children very early on so that nothing serious develops if left untreated.  Doctor Wachtel has extensive experience working with children foot problems and offers gentle care for little feet.

Foot Care for Babies & Toddlers

Your baby’s feet will develop tremendously in the first few years of life. It is important to let them do so naturally, and resist the urge to confine their feet to shoes. If you want your child to wear shoes, choose footwear that is soft and pliable with room for the toes to move. Socks or booties are a great alternative! Provide shoe-free time every day, so they can kick, wiggle, and flex their feet muscles.

Once they begin to walk, they can wear shoes of sturdier material. Go with the pace your child is setting, and never force them to walk. This can cause physical damage, and it may even be emotionally traumatizing.

Pediatric Flatfoot

During the first few years of walking, it is important to pay attention to your child’s gait. Many children have flat feet, and they will normally grow out of this and develop arches. But what do you do if your child’s feet remain flat? Pediatric flatfoot can be somewhat of a sticky subject because treatment can range from the conservative to invasive surgery. For children, it is recommended that custom orthotics or physical therapy be used. Sometimes there is pain associated, and then it becomes more important for treatment to be administered. Since having flat feet can lead to more serious conditions later in life, it is best to treat it as conservatively and effectively as possible in childhood.

Sports and Children’s Feet

School-aged children are very active in sports these days. With obesity rates skyrocketing, physical activity should always be encouraged. However, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to keeping your child’s feet injury free. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to buy shoes that are activity specific and fit properly. They should be sturdy with a stiff heel cup, flexible toe box, and rigid middle area.  If they get too tight in the toe, it is time to throw them away.

If your child complains of pain, listen! Some childhood foot conditions, such as Sever’s Disease, affect children during the growing years (ages 8-13). Decreased interest in activity can be a sign that foot pain is a problem.

It can be a good idea to put protective tape on the feet in areas that may be weaker to avoid fractures and sprains. Some children may even benefit from shoe inserts to avoid plantar fasciitis (heel pain). Another thing to consider is the type of socks they are wearing. The best socks for athletic activities are ones that are moisture-reducing and that are free of seams that may rub against the skin and cause blisters. Sometimes it can be beneficial to wear two layers of socks. Each child is different, and something that works for one may not work for another.

Podiatric Care for Children

Dr. Mitchell Wachtel, podiatrist North Andover, can help keep your child’s feet in good health. Call (978) 794-8406 today to schedule an appointment at one of our three Massachusetts offices. We take pride in treating all childhood foot conditions from flat feet to fractures. Let us take care of your feet, so you can take care of your family.

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Identifying the Need for a Pediatric Podiatrist

The Crucial Role of Early Detection in Children’s Foot Health
Caring for a child’s feet is a critical task that begins from a very young age. Recognizing and treating foot injuries or abnormalities early can prevent serious complications later in life. Dr. Mitchell Wachtel, a dedicated podiatrist with a parental perspective, emphasizes the importance of monitoring children’s foot health closely. From common issues like ankle sprains and ingrown toenails to more complex conditions, early intervention is key.

A Specialized Approach to Pediatric Foot Care

Dr. Wachtel’s practice offers comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of children. Understanding that children’s feet are constantly developing, he provides gentle, specialized treatments designed to address a wide range of foot problems. This personalized care ensures that foot issues are managed effectively, allowing children to grow and develop without hindrance.

Essential Foot Care Tips for Young Children

The Developmental Journey of Your Child’s Feet

In the initial years, allowing feet to develop naturally is crucial. Restricting feet with tight shoes can hamper this growth. Opting for soft, roomy footwear or even allowing children to spend time barefoot can significantly benefit foot muscle development. As children start walking, choosing the right shoes becomes essential to support their feet correctly.

Addressing Pediatric Flatfoot Concerns

Observing your child’s walking pattern can reveal a lot about their foot health. Flat feet in young children can resolve naturally over time. However, persistent flat feet may require intervention. Non-invasive treatments like custom orthotics or physical therapy are preferred to support proper foot development and prevent complications.

The Intersection of Sports and Children’s Foot Health

Keeping Active Feet Healthy and Injury-Free

The role of physical activity in maintaining overall health cannot be overstated, especially in combatting childhood obesity. Ensuring that children wear activity-appropriate, well-fitting shoes can protect them from foot injuries. Paying attention to any complaints of pain is crucial, as conditions like Sever’s Disease can impact children’s willingness to stay active. The use of protective tape and the right socks can further safeguard against common sports-related foot issues.

Comprehensive Podiatric Care for Your Child

Expert Care at Dr. Wachtel’s Offices
Dr. Wachtel is committed to providing top-tier pediatric foot care. With offices conveniently located in Lowell, Haverhill and North Andover Massachusetts, accessing specialized podiatric services has never been easier. Whether it’s treating flat feet, managing fractures, or any other foot condition, Dr. Wachtel’s practice stands ready to support your child’s foot health needs.

Q&A About Childrens Footcare

Q: At what age should I start paying attention to my child’s foot health?
A: It’s important to monitor your child’s feet from birth. Early detection of any abnormalities can lead to timely interventions, ensuring healthy foot development.

Q: How do I know if my child needs to see a podiatrist?
A: If your child experiences persistent pain, discomfort, or any noticeable abnormalities in their feet or walking pattern, consulting a podiatrist is advised.

Q: Can flat feet in children lead to problems later in life?
A: While many children outgrow flat feet without issue, untreated flat feet can lead to complications. Early assessment and treatment can prevent these potential problems.