This week our region of Andover, Lowell and Lawrence got hit with snow, big time. Most of Massachusetts saw a hefty fall of the white stuff and the temperatures stayed right around the zone where snow would melt and then freeze. We are dealing with cold temperatures and a wet climate and there are things you can do to take good care of your feet, stay healthy and positive, and most importantly stay safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Keeping Your Feet Warm, Not Hot

When you are outside you want to avoid feeling your toes being either too cold or too hot. Always listen to what your body and feet tell you, and adjust your shoes and socks accordingly. Wear shoes that have solid grip and use socks that are cozy but don’t make your feet hot. Wool socks do a great job wicking any moisture away from your feet while maintaining a great temperature. We recommend using them instead of cotton socks during winter months as they tend to maintain a comfortable temperature better and help you with keeping your feet from feeling to wet and sweaty.

Moving Your Feet

Circulation keeps your feet healthy by supplying fresh blood and O2 and the easiest way to do this is to wiggle, stretch, and move your feet around. If you are grounded inside due to bad weather then stretch your toes a little by pointing them forward, move your feet around and give them a good wiggle! Simple and healthy quick trick!

Keep Your Feet Clean and Dry

Hygiene is very important all year around because it prevents your feet from having fungal infections and other issues. Hygiene might be even more important in the winter as your feet are more prone to dry skin, and cracked heels which can be quite painful. Keep this in mind at the end of the day when you take your socks off, and be sure to visually inspect your feet. Should you start seeing something off, give us a call.

Listen to Your Body

This is something we tell our children and its a good piece of advice to remind adults about. Walking and moving is vital to ones health and positive mood but winter poses a lot of danger due to snow and ice. If you had a previous issue due to a twist or a slip, and your body is sending you a signal of pain or discomfort, take care of that. Contact us and let us know what’s going on. The earlier things can be taken care of, the faster you can recover.

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