As I was going on a walk in Andover, I recently bumped into one of my old patients who loves to travel, has been all over the world, and continues to explore at his very young age of sixty plus!  He thanked me for some of the foot care travel advice I gave him well over a decade ago and so I decided to share this with everyone.  As always, preparation is key to maximizing your benefits whether its travel or other activities.  Please remember that if your feet are an issue when it comes to enjoying travel then reach out and lets see how I can make it easier for you to enjoy it all.

Break in your shoes well before your trip – It goes without saying that you want to make sure your shoes are well broken in and comfortable.  You don’t want a very old flat pair, but you also don’t want to bring a brand new pair of shoes that are still stiff.  New and stiff shoes can often result in blisters in unwanted areas, overheated feet, general discomfort and other problems.  If you are still having problems with shoes, you might want to consider inserts.

Bring two pairs of shoes – Sometimes its nice to switch up your footwear so that your feet don’t feel stuck in the same pair day after day.  My old patient mentioned that he always brings a comfy pair of sneakers and his hiking shoes.  His outdoor travel is mostly done in his hiking shoes while his city walking is done in his sneakers.  This keeps his feet dry on the trails and gives him a nice light step in the city.  Oh, and be sure you let your feet breathe when you are back in the hotel.

Carry an extra pair of dry socks in your backpack! – Even if you get a tiny bit of water through your shoes your feet can get wet and then the problems begin.  Feet that get wet can cause all sorts of discomfort issues.  There is additional heat generated with trapped water in your shoes,  as well as unwanted friction that can cause blisters.  Last thing you want to do is to compromise a wonderful trip because of foot discomfort.  The solution might be simple.  Carry a dry pair of socks in your backpack.  You never know when your feet will need them.

Bring Bandages –  Its hard to tell when you will need them, or even if you will, but be prepared.  One of the fastest ways to stop a toe, heel or other blister from forming on your feet is to create an artificial barrier between the shoe and the foot so that the rubbing can be stopped.

Lift Your Feet at Night – You come back from hours of walking and standing on your feet and you can feel it!  Its a good idea to lift your feet, put a couple of pillows under them and lessen that blood pressure a bit.  Its a good feeling at the end of the day and a nice little treat for your feet.

Traveling with Diabetes?

Diabetic Foot Care Issues can be a bit more complicated – If you suffer from diabetes it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fine travel.  Many diabetics enjoy traveling in all age ranges but there is a little more caution and care you will need to take.  My podiatry site offers a variety of diabetic foot care solutions to help you out.  I strongly encourage you to get in touch with us and get your feet thoroughly evaluated so that you can travel in comfort and without too much worries on your mind!

Preparation and good care are a key to good travels.  Do you feel like you could use a little help?  Are you slowing down or have you stopped because of your feet?  If so, please reach out and let me know if I can be of help.  You can use my form on this page to reach out or call my podiatry office in Andover, Haverhill or Lowell.