Mike Kimball B.S.N | Dr. Wachtel’s Office

Hi, My name is Mike and I’m Dr. Wachtel’s Marketing Manager. I have a wonderful background in nursing and the arts as well as a heartfelt commitment to the community. With over 20 years experience in medicine and a lifetime of work as an artist I am proud to serve on Dr. Wachtel’s team.  I am a published poet, seasoned author who also happens to be the host of a podcast called OneGayGuy which is designed to educate and empower the LGBTQ community and friends through entertainment.My job is to help folks in the community find Dr. Wachtel, the best podiatrist out there and ensure that their experience is exceptional. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about scheduling, referrals or your office experience.

Marketing Manager
Mitchell Wachtel D.P.M.
451 Andover St, Suite 300
North Andover, MA 01845