Work with a Sports Medicine Physician, and a Runner
Podiatrist Dr. Wachtel

Andover Foot Doctor for Sports

Podiatrist doctor Wachtel is a runner and a sports medicine physician who is a specialist in runners athletic feet issues. If you are a runner or any other type of an athlete, our podiatry office can help you with the following;

  • evaluation of shoe gear
  • devise a plan for type of orthotics needed to prevent foot injuries,
  • evaluation of your gate (the way you walk which affects balance, stride length, and injuries down the road),
  • and we also provide you with an exercise program to prevent further foot injuries

Laser Foot Treatment for Athletes

We also recommend that athletes look into laser treatment. Laser is non-invasive and is considered a best friend for athletes. Laser treatment creates oxygenation, and gets rid of pain considerably quicker. It is very effective for achilles tendonitis and for other foot problems.  Doctor Wachtel will thoroughly evaluate your current condition, your training routine(s) and help you come up with the most optimal way to minimize your foot problems and other issues.  He treats athletes in the North Andover / Andover, Lowell, and Haverhill communities.

Common Athlete Foot Problems

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