“Hi, I’m Dr. Mitchell Wachtel. Today we’re going to talk about heel pain and shoe gear.

Many patients enter our practice with typical heel pain that can occur at any point of the day. The most important goal for us is to prevent the heel pain from returning.

So first we evaluate the patient’s footwear by making sure it’s shock absorbent, and ensure the shoe properly fits the foot. Sometimes ill-fitting shoes can be the culprit of pressure causing heel pain. When a patient enters our practice we asses them for their shoe type and make sure it’s correct.

We’re here to guide the patient to a shoe that will support their foot correctly. We dislike shoes which bend in the middle which takes away overall arch support as this can cause more pain in your heel. We have a variety of shoes in our store and one of the more common ones that we provide is an anti-pronation sneaker.

When we land while walking or running the foot collapses, lengthening the arch and stretching the tissue. The goal is to keep the arch supported during the contact of the foot.

If you have foot or heel pain related issues, come to or office, give us a call, and we can evaluate you for the type of shoe wear that you’re wearing.”