Foot Care for Runners

In the past few decades, running has exploded in popularity across the country. Today, Americans complete more than 15 millions officially sanctioned road races per year, from 5ks all the way to ultramarathons. Millions more compete in unofficial events, join local running clubs, or simply run on their own for fitness and pleasure.

Running is a great way to get exercise, stay physically and mentally healthy, and enjoy the great outdoors! However, even casual runners often deal with foot and ankle pain and injury as a result of their activities. Mitchell Wachtel, a foot doctor with locations in North Andover, Haverhill, and Lowell, is dedicated to helping runners fix their problems as soon as possible so they can get back on the road, and help prevent further problems in the future.

Regular Running Injuries

Runners can fall victim to acute injuries due to a traumatic incident—taking a topple and spraining your ankle, for example. However, running is much more commonly associated with overuse injuries. Rather than doing all their damage in a single dramatic episode, overuse injuries slowly build over time, as constant wear and tear (without enough healthy rest) weakens and strains bones and tissues.

Foot and ankle injuries often sustained by local runners include:

Getting Your Feet Back in Running Shape

The worst thing you can do with a running injury is stubbornly press onward. Running through pain doesn’t make you tough. Rather, running with an existing injury only allows that pain to become chronic, or a small injury to become a big one. In the end, you’ll end up spending more time in recovery, or worse—you’ll slowly grind down until the pain cause you to stop running, maybe forever.

Dr. Wachtel understands how important running is to you. That’s why our office takes these injuries seriously and offers a variety of treatment solutions, including:

No two runners, and no two running injuries, are exactly the same. We’re not interested in giving you cut-and-paste solutions for your troubles. Instead, Dr. Wachtel and our team of specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation and discuss all your treatment options with you in detail, so that everyone is comfortable and happy with an effective treatment course.


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