Metatarsalgia is a common problem in the forefoot—too much pressure on the ball of the foot causes irritation and pain. Typically, this is an overuse issue that develops slowly over time. Repetitive impacts or pressure from your activities, footwear, or preexisting foot problems can all contribute to the discomfort. You end up with a sharp or even burning pain in the ball of the foot when you put pressure on it. The more you stand or walk, the worse the discomfort tends to get. You may or may not have trouble with shooting pains or numbness in your toes as well.Metatarsalgia is actually a general term that can describe a number of more specific types of ball of the foot pain, including Morton’s neuroma. The best way to take care of this discomfort is to have the specific underlying cause of the problem identified so it can be treated. Let Dr. Mitchell Wachtel help you give your feet the relief they deserve. Call (978) 794-8406 or use our website to make an appointment at one of our offices in North Andover, Lowell, or Haverhill, MA.