Orthopedic shoes may not always be considered the most stylish footwear, but they’re comfortable shoes that can offer you a lot of health benefits for your feet.First of all, they offer much more support and cushioning than other shoes, which makes walking very comfortable. They’re also designed to promote blood flow so swelling is less likely to occur. If you have a chronic foot condition, you may find that wearing this type of shoe really helps relieve some pain. Some fashionable styles may not even make you risk the fashion faux pas!

It’s always a good idea to get professionally fitted before making the investment. You may think you are one size, but then find out that your shoes don’t fit you properly once you get home form the store. Take the time to learn about all aspects of an orthopedic shoe. You can customize them to fit your unique feet—from hook and loop closures to spandex uppers.

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