“Hi, I’m Dr. Wachtel and I’m really excited to talk about our fall prevention-treatment program.

Many elderly patients come into our practice on a regular basis complaining they feel unstable, they’re at risk of falling, or have fallen a few times in the last six months. In our practice we now have fall practice as a treatment. We assess a patient from their medication to their medical history, and neurologic status. Once we’ve assessed that you’re at risk of falling and your point scale after an evaluation is high enough then we may consider a fall prevention brace.

It’s a very simple brace placed into your shoe meant to control the mechanics of your feet and legs so that you don’t fall. We are regularly seeing patients like this. We not only make the brace that will control how you walk and provide support, we also have a shoe program where we assess patient footwear. There’s also physical therapy where a focus of establishing upper core strength is the emphasis.

We have a very comprehensive way of treating falls so if you or a family member are at risk of falling please call us at 978-794-8406.”