For those who work on their feet—even for part of the day—heel pain is not only frustratingly common, but can frequently affect both your job performance and your ability to enjoy old hobbies after business hours. When your heels hurt at work, you’re not at your best, and a single 8-hour shift can feel like it lasts a week!If heel pain at work is getting in the way of a job well done, try some of these prevention tips and see if they help:

  • Take regular breaks as you are able. Prolonged standing can often be painful, so take a load off whenever you can.
  • If you frequently stand in once place at a workstation (for example, cashiers, hairstylists, etc.), place a rubber mat or rug—anything soft, really—to cover the hard ground where you usually stand.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. They should fit well, be in good shape, and offer the kind of cushioning and support you need for the tasks you will be performing at work. Even if your workplace forbids athletic shoes, there are still plenty of “nicer” options packed with comfortable features.
  • Move around, stretch, and flex at work as you are able to keep blood pumping and prevent muscles from becoming stiff. Taking a minute to stretch your ankle and calves every hour is a good strategy.
  • Custom orthotics are great tools for supporting feet, absorbing weight and pressure, improving posture, and ultimately minimizing daily pain from standing at work. You’ll need to make an appointment with us to see if orthotics can benefit you, and if so, to ensure you get the correct fit.

Heel pain is not normal (it isn’t supposed to be, anyway!) and definitely not something you have to put up with. We certainly hope that following the above tips will help you keep your heel pain under control at work, but if you continue to have any problems—or you’d like to get that consult for custom orthotics—call Dr. Mitchell Wachtel in North Andover, MA today at (978) 794-8406. Let our team of experts help you find the solution to your heel pain quickly and effectively.