Winter can be a fun and beautiful season, with snow transforming familiar landscapes into something straight out of a postcard. Along with the cold and the pretty snow, however, comes a sharply increased risk for falling and getting hurt, particularly if you are older. Snow and ice are slick, and falls are common. Fortunately, you can take steps to help minimize your fall risks and prevent falling injuries.Slipping and falling on snow, ice, and slick surfaces are a major source of winter injuries, from broken bones to sprained ankles and more. Your risk of falling and hurting yourself only grows as you get older and struggle more with balance, too. Taking steps to prevent slipping and minimizing your fall risks can save you a lot of pain and mobility problems throughout the cold winter months.

Here are a few ways you can help prevent falling injuries:

  • Wear footwear with good traction – Choose shoes or winter boots that have excellent traction on their soles to help grip the ground.
  • Shuffle in slippery areas – On slick, slippery floors or sidewalks, don’t be afraid to take small steps or shuffle your feet and use your arms for balance.
  • Put down slip-resistant mats – On floors around your home that often get wet and slippery, put down slip-resistant mats so you have better traction.
  • Improve your balance – Practice balancing exercises to build up the muscles in your lower legs that help keep you upright. That way, if you do slip, your feet are more likely to help you avoid a fall.

Preventing falls in slippery winter weather can help you avoid painful injuries and more serious problems later. You can’t always prevent accidents from happening, but there’s no reason to not do what you can to avoid falling. Let our team with Mitchell Wachtel, DPM help you take care of yourself this winter. If you have already fallen and hurt yourself, or you’d like more information about fall prevention, contact our North Andover, Lowell, or Haverhill, MA, offices right away for care. Use our website or call (978) 794-8406 to reach us today.