It’s important to find a pediatric podiatrist relatively early in your child’s life. A children’s foot doctor can make sure that everything is developing normally and can intervene when a problem presents itself. Children can suffer from any number of foot conditions, but some common ones include flatfeet, toe walking, in-toeing (pigeon toes), bow-legs, and knock-knees. Most of these problems sort themselves out as your child grows into their body and develops more muscle coordination. However, some of these may begin to branch into larger problems, so nipping them in the bud may be a wise decision. A podiatrist can come up with a treatment plan that is beneficial to your child, usually through conservative methods that won’t interfere in your child’s daily life.If you have questions regarding your child’s feet, call Dr. Mitchell Wachtel, podiatrst North Andover, at (978) 794-8406 to schedule an appointment in one of our three conveniently located Massachusetts offices. We will answer all of your questions and come up with a plan together.