If you are planning to spend any time in your summer sandals at Cape Cod, you will want to think about toenail fungus treatment. Don’t let ugly toenails spoil your fun at the beach because you’re too embarrassed to let them be free.

Fungal toenails occur when your feet are damp and warm. This makes the inside of your shoes a perfect place for the fungus to thrive. If you couple that with an open wound or break in the skin of your feet, you are pretty much inviting this fungus to set up home in your body. If you notice that your toenails are becoming discolored and thickened, or if you have pain in your nails, you might be suffering from a fungal infection.

than it is to treat. You can prevent it by switching pairs of shoes on a daily basis (give your shoes at least a full 24 hours to breathe before putting them back on your feet). Always wear socks with shoes, especially socks that wick away moisture from your skin. Don’t forget to wear shower shoes in any public venues, such as at the gym.

If you do happen to contract a fungus you can try laser therapy. Lasers can pinpoint only the living fungus and destroy these cells without damaging the healthy tissue around it. Remember that this is not a forever cure. If you don’t take good care of your feet with good preventative measures, the fungus can grow back.

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