Running on a regular basis is hard work on our bodies. The foot and ankle take a beating. Arthritis, tendonitis, swelling of the tissues of the foot and ankle may occur. It is confusing as to what shoe gear to wear with all the choices that are out there.  Very supportive sneakers like Brooks and Aetrex with a rigid support in the arch are your best option. Barefoot running shoes are available that allow the runner to feel close to the ground, but should be used with caution. Other forms of shoe gear are sneakers that are extremely flexible along the entire bottom of the foot.The thought of a flexible sneaker being used for an athlete who runs a lot and puts chronic pressure on their foot and ankle is worrisome. The chronic stress of running, without proper shock absorption will (in my opinion) cause more problems in the upper extremities down the road.  The controversy of shoe gear especially in the current marketplace regarding runners will always be a question as to what is the best thing to wear.  In our practice we recommend custom orthotics with very supportive sneakers and a sneaker that does not bend in the arch.  Heavily supportive sneakers cushion the blow when we land our foot and prevent pronation.