This Saturday, November 1 is a post-Halloween scare in the form of Panic in the Dark. This Lowell tradition is a fantastic way to get a good run in while having fun with zombies all at the same time. You will want to make sure your running shoes are in tip-top shape so you don’t get caught in the dark!

There are a number of reasons for shoes to wear down. Your weight is a big factor. If you are a heavier runner, the cushioning in your shoes is going to break down a lot faster than it would for a lighter runner who puts less strain on their feet. You may also end up needing a new pair of shoes faster if you neglect to rotate them out with another pair. Giving them a period of rest between runs can help the material bounce back a lot quicker than it would if you were using the same pair daily. You also need to consider how your heel strikes when you run. Some people scuff their heels more than others, which can quickly wear down certain materials.

To see if your shoes need replacing, you can try the midsole test. This is when you push on the material in the heel counter. If it still feels rigid you are probably fine, but if it feels soft or pliable it may be time to replace your footwear. Lighter runners can get about 500 miles out of any pair of shoes, but a heavier runner will get only about half that. It’s very important to keep your shoes in good condition because you increase your chances of getting injured when they aren’t. Worn out footwear is a very common reason for people to hurt themselves.

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