Playing a sport is a wonderful way to get physical activity in your daily life. Baseball season has just started, and if you like to play as much as you enjoy watching the Red Sox, you know how a sports injury can be devastating. Doing exercises to prevent injury before you play is crucial in staying off the bench and in the game.

We all know the importance of warming up before playing, but simply doing static stretches isn’t enough. Get your whole body warmed up by doing a light jog for a few minutes instead. There are a few stretches that you can do in addition to your warm up. Calf stretches, arch stretches, toe spreads, and toe lifts are great for getting the feet limber and ready for action. Do these before playing every day and you will be at a much lower risk of sustaining a foot-related injury.

Stretching isn’t the only element important to foot safety. It’s important to build up your intensity over time and not just jump into a new activity full throttle. One of the most essential elements of playing a sport is the footwear you choose. It should be unique to your body; if you have high arches you would certainly look for something different than a person with flat feet. All shoes are not created equal, so take the time to find something comfortable for your specific needs.

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