Though the weather outside may still be frightful, your feet should still be feeling delightful. By practicing good winter foot care you can prevent a number of conditions that affect your feet more during the colder times of the year. Don’t let a little snow and ice come between you and having comfortable feet.Winter is a time when it’s colder outside. This alone can lend itself to problems for your feet. When you couple that with winter activities (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, etc) it can create many problems. However, most of these are preventable when steps are taken to produce a safe environment. Here are some tips to follow when snow and ice are on the ground:

  • When you are engaging in winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, always wear shoes that are specifically designed for these activities. Make sure they fit to your foot. In other words, don’t borrow from someone who might be “close” to your size.
  • If you enjoy running in colder weather remember to wear layers. You might be cold when you first start out, but your body will warm up and you may wish to remove some of the layers. It’s more important than ever to get a good warm-up in before your actual run.
  • Your boots are designed to keep your feet warm, but they may also cause more moisture to build up due to sweat. This can create a breeding ground for fungus, which may lead to a fungal infection in your toes. Prevent this by using foot powders in your shoes or by wearing socks that wick moisture away from your feet.
  • Remember that your skin will probably be drier during the winter than during other times of the year. Keep your feet moisturized to prevent dry, cracking heels.
  • Never wear shoes that are appropriate for other seasons. Even if you are outside for just a few minutes, you put your toes at risk for frostbite or injury. Take the few extra minutes to put on a pair of warm, winter boots.

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