“My patients come in to see me all of the time and ask me, “What is a wart? Why does it hurt? How do I treat it?”Warts are very common in the foot. A wart is a virus – the human papilloma virus. When your skin touches an infected area on the ground, you end up getting the virus through contact alone. When you do find out that you have a wart, it’s very important to wear shoes and sandals to prevent your foot from re-contacting the floor, because you’ll re-infect yourself.

Warts typically breed in the skin, and they appear as a white, peppery lesion on the bottom of the foot. In our practice, we debride the lesion and treat some patients with topical medications. We can get rid of the pain within two to three visits. If you have a wart and you’re worried about it, call our office at (978) 794-8406.”