There are many causes of heel pain ranging from Achilles issues to fractures to bruising. One of the many causes is OS Trigonum, which is an additional bone that not all people have. When the bone is rather large or it becomes fractured, there will be a great deal of pain at the heel that can be aggravated by shoes rubbing against the area.

This is a common condition that you may see in your children because it is a bone that they are born with. As a result, a young child may have pain in the area from their shoes rubbing. However, children can be tricky because not much slows them down, so it is important to watch for limping or a change in your child’s walking pattern as it can point to a greater trouble that they are not telling you about.

So, what kind of treatments exist for this condition? There is what we like to call watchful waiting where we can wait and see how much it bothers your child. We can also put your child in a boot that will help to immobilize the foot allowing the fracture to heal, if there is one. If the bone is truly enlarged or badly fractured, surgery can be done to remove the fracture.

If you have noticed that your child is limping or walking strangely, it is important that you take them to see a podiatrist. There are many problems that can occur in a young child’s feet and it is important to determine what is causing their pain. Dr. Mitchell Wachtel and his expert staff pride themselves on their compassionate and comprehensive care of pediatric conditions. Schedule an appointment with him today at one of his three locations in North Andover, Lowell, or Haverhill, MA.