When your feet are out of alignment, your whole body suffers in lots of ways. Consider, by way of analogy, wheels on a car. If your wheels aren’t aligned properly, the rapid destruction of your tires is only the first concern. Your car may become hard to steer or veer hard in one direction. It also can wreck the suspension system and decrease your gas mileage.

Similarly, feet out of alignment not only hurt the feet, but put wear and tear on knees, hips, and back, too. It can also significantly reduce your athletic performance, not only because the pain keeps you from practicing, but also because misaligned feet leads to biomechanical inefficiencies throughout the skeletal system.

But there’s good news! Custom orthotics are an extremely effective treatment option that can help you work, live, and play better without pain.

You could simply buy a more cushioned pair of shoes, of course, but that’d be like getting new tires without realigning the wheels. You might get some temporary pain relief, but none of the fundamental problems would be solved. By contrast, custom orthotics reposition your feet and arches to where they need to be, correcting posture and biomechanics throughout the body and eliminating sources of stress, damage, and pain.

The benefits are significant:

  • For the day-to-day, light activity responsibilities of work, shopping, domestic tasks, etc. your custom orthotics help you get through the day with much less pain or discomfort. Rather than having to stop and sit frequently, you may find that you’re able to concentrate and complete tasks much more comfortably than before.
  • For more vigorous, coordinated activities like running, sports, or dance, your custom orthotics can help you achieve greater balance, more efficient and graceful form, and ultimately improved speed, quickness, and even power. You’ll also be able to put in more training time without being encumbered by pain, and reduce your risk of injury, too.

If you’re sick of pain keeping you away from your favorite activities—or even just getting through with your day-to-day—you can find help. Custom orthotics can often provide that help, although we also have a wide range of treatment options and can help you find a solution that makes the best sense for you. To schedule an appointment with podiatrist Mitchell Wachtel in North Andover, Haverhill, or Lowell, please dial (978) 794-8406 or drop us a line using our online contact form.