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Thank you for your recent visit to the offices of Dr. Mitchell Wachtel, podiatrist North Andover. We’re happy that you had a pleasant experience, and appreciate your willingness to leave us a review. Your kind words help our practice grow!

How to Leave a Review
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  1. 1. Go to google.com/maps
  2. Type “Dr. Mitchell Wachtel North Andover” into the Maps search bar
  3. Click the reviews link next to the star count (it will say “XX reviews”)
  4. Click “Write a review” in the resulting sidebar
  5. You may be asked to sign into your Google Account to write a review. If you need one, create one by clicking here.
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Yelp Reviews

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  2. Log in to your Yelp account. If you don’t have one, follow the steps to sign up for a FREE account on Yelp
  3. Search “Mitchell Wachtel, DPM” near “North Andover, MA
  4. Click on the listing you wish to review, then click on the “Write a Review” button
  5. Rate our practice, describe your experience, and post your review
  6. Afterwards, Yelp will send a confirmation email to make sure that review is what you want to post. If you want it published, be sure to click on the link they send to you.

Healthgrades Review

  1. Go to healthgrades.com
  2. Search “Dr. Mitchell Wachtel”
  3. Select “Leave a Review”
  4. Fill out the survey and select whether you wish to confirm via email or phone.
  5. Click “I’m Ready to Submit my Survey”