If you’re interested in working out and getting in shape, you may have heard about Crossfit, the recent exercise craze that has helped many people achieve great results. However, there have been a lot of overuse injuries associated with this workout, due to the high intensity exercises. The most common injuries have been shown to be injuries of the muscles and tendons. These areas can cause a lot of issues for people because they end up bringing their exercise regimen to a screeching halt for weeks, making it difficult to start back up again.

Overuse injuries for tendons and muscles cause symptoms such as sharp pain with each step that you take, a dull throbbing sensation, and swelling in the area. The key for overuse injuries is rest, and lots of it! One of the biggest problems arises when patients develop larger issues, such as an acquired flatfoot deformity, as a result of a tendon injury. If you are having pain after starting any new workout, it’s important to seek care from your doctor because there are long-term injuries that can result.

Anytime that you start a new workout it is important for you to pay close attention to your body and notice any changes that are occurring. It is very common for your muscles to be sore after working out, but muscle fatigue is different than actual pain and injury. If you are feeling pain that is preventing you from doing your workouts or your daily routine, you should seek medical care. If you are feeling pain in your feet or legs, you should go and see your podiatrist. Dr. Mitchell Wachtel treats athletes of all shapes, sizes, and ages and offers comprehensive treatment plans to get them up and moving again. Contact his office today in North Andover, Haverhill, or Lowell, at (978) 794-8406 to schedule your appointment.