Timing is everything. For instance, when August comes around we know that summer is coming to an end and school is starting again. Another example of this can be related to heel pain. Feeling pain in the morning is the result of one condition, whereas feeling pain when walking or running is the result of something different. Paying attention to the timing of your discomfort can really help us pinpoint what’s wrong.

The most common time to feel heel pain is first thing in the morning, or after a long period of resting or sitting. The culprit behind this type of discomfort is plantar fasciitis, and it’s without a doubt one of the conditions we treat most frequently in our office. Plantar fasciitis is when the thick band of tissue that runs the length of the foot becomes inflamed. The inflammation usually develops over time and is the result of extra strain on the feet. People at a higher risk of developing plantar fasciitis include those who are overweight or obese, those who play sports or run, and those who stand all day at work.

The good news when it comes to this condition is that it’s fairly easy to treat it you catch it early and get started on treatment quickly. Some at-home remedies you can try may include applying ice to your feet while you are resting them. This will help reduce inflammation in the plantar fascia. You should also be doing daily arch stretches to help loosen up the area. Some people find that they benefit from a custom orthotic to help take stress off the arch area. Plantar fasciitis can be stubborn and sometimes these home treatments don’t cut it. We are able to provide more advanced treatments such as ESWT, cortisone shots, and even surgery if need be.

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