You might have plenty of well-meaning people providing you with hand-me-downs for your child, but shoes should not be one of them. Every person’s feet are different, and one pair of shoes will not fit another person the same way. If your child has high arches, but the shoes they receive are from someone with flat feet, it could damage the biomechanics of his or her feet. Instead, buy shoes for your child that will provide them with the support they need for the stage of life they’re in. For example, an infant doesn’t need much in the way of shoes. They are only providing warmth at this time. A child who is beginning to walk outside will need something sturdier to protect their feet. Children who are involved in athletics will need different types of shoes designed for their specific activities.For more information on choosing the right shoes for your child, call Dr. Mitchell Wachtel, podiatrist North Andover, at (978) 794-8406 to schedule an appointment in one of our three Massachusetts locations.