The 4th of July Road Race is coming up soon in North Andover. This is going to be a race for the whole family with exhibits, booths, and even a parade. Don’t let heel pain come to the celebration, though. Get rid of your plantar fasciitis pain before Independence Day arrives so you aren’t slowed down by discomfort.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is the thick band of tissue that runs down the length of your sole. The pain is often worst in the morning or after you’ve been resting for a period of time. Those who put extra pressure on their feet, such as those with flat feet, are physically active and engage in a lot of high-impact exercise, or who struggle with obesity are particularly likely to suffer from this painful condition.

If you are experiencing this type of pain, get help immediately. Heel pain can often be treated with conservative methods in its early stages.

Treatment should start with rest and ice. Allow your foot all the time it needs to completely heal before putting too much strain on it. There are also stretches you can do to stretch your arches and calves, which can really help with heel pain.

Continuing along this line of thinking, massage is a great way to stretch out your arches. You can do this with a golf ball or frozen water bottle, simply rolling it along your arches. It will feel good and your feet will get a very good stretch. You might also consider looking at your footwear. If your shoes don’t offer enough support you could be contributing to your pain. Additionally, a custom-made orthotic might be in order.

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