Sesamoiditis is a condition that is most frequently seen in runners. If you ran the Boston Marathon this year, or just enjoy running on your own or with friends, you have probably experienced running pain at some point. Pain that is centered in the ball of your foot by your big toe may indicate an inflammation of the sesamoid bones.

Sesamoids are bones that aren’t connected to joints. They are embedded in your tendons and help with things like weight bearing and pushing off when you run. This is why you might have this type of inflammation if you have just increased your activity level. These tiny bones help support the entire weight of your body, and the pressure added by running can strain or even fracture them. People with high arches or bony feet with less fat padding are more susceptible to this injury. You will notice that the pain increases over time, especially while engaging in the activity that may have caused it in the first place.

Treatment for sesamoiditis is very conservative and will include resting the foot for a period of time while the bones heal. You may need to wear a special shoe or a custom-made orthotic that will help with some of the pressure. We can show you how to tape the toes to immobilize them, in order to aid the healing process. We can also prescribe a custom-made orthotic or an anti-inflammatory medication.

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