Stinging Toes, Stinging Foot Pain in Toes Explained by Podiatrist Dr. Wachtel


Neuromas: Causes & Treatments

“Hi, I’m Dr. Wachtel and today we’re going to talk about Neuromas.Many patients come into our practice complaining of pain between their toes; burning stinging pain that radiates through the toes. It can be caused by a multitude of factors.A neuroma is basically a nerve that’s being pinched by two bones. As we walk the bones in our feet (metatarsals) crash against one another potentially leading to pinched nerves. It can get very swollen, sore, or tender and creates a burning pain, numbing and some patients relay that they feel something along the lines of a small ball in their foot or in-between their bones. Sometimes we’re actually able to press the two bones together and hear a click.There are a multitude of very conservative treatments for this problem all which can be provided in an office without surgery. The main option in our practice is to provide surgery. There are certain injections and different devices we can out into the shoe as well as making a shoe modification to your foot so you’ll have complete relief.So, in a nutshell, neuroma is a nerve pinch that can be treated many different ways by a podiatrist.”