“Hi, I’m Dr. Wachtel and today we’re going to talk about some new and exciting news about nail fungus, the causes, and treatment.We see an incredible amount of nail fungus in our office. Nail fungus is typically a white, yellow or brown discoloration of the nail. It can be thick, have pits in it, be discolored, have any odor or involve all of these symptoms. There are a number of news ways of treating nail fungus. One method that has been around awhile is taking anti-fungal orally. In our practice we why away from this for the simple fact that oral anti-fungal can cause liver complications. We aim to provide a safe way for our patients to get rid of this ugly, thickened nail which we see on a regular basis. Nail fungus can also cause ingrown toenails because the nail gets so thick that it penetrates the sides of the skin which can also cause infection.

So the main treatment for fungus in our practice is through a topical medication which is applied daily. Our goal is to kill both the fungus on the skin and within the shoe. The best we way can provide treatment for fungus of the nail is via laser treatment. Laser treatments are essentially beams of light that enter the skin and heat the tissue. It’s a relatively quick and easy process and the nail fungus should be cleared in a 10-to-12 month period.

If you have any questions about laser therapy and technology; please call our office at 978-794-8406. Our offices are in North Andover, Lowell, and Haverhill.”