One of the telltale signs of a broken toe is the inability to move the bone. However, in many cases you will still be able to move it, so it’s important not to go on that alone when self-diagnosing a broken toe. If you suffer a trauma to your foot and are now experiencing pain, bruising, or swelling, you may have a broken bone, and you should come to our office to get it properly diagnosed. Treatment is usually simple and requires immobilizing the broken digit by taping or splinting it to the healthy one next to it. We may prescribe medication to help with pain. In very rare cases you may need to wear a cast or even have surgery to hold the bones in the correct position.For more questions on treating a broken toe, call Dr. Mitchell Wachtel at (978) 794-8406 to schedule an appointment in our Haverhill, MA office. You can also request an appointment online, and check out more foot facts on our Facebook and Google + pages.