Bunions are often blamed on high heels, but these aren’t the only culprits. These bony protrusions on the side of your big toe are a result of many factors. The biggest one is genetics. If you are predisposed to bunion development, it won’t much matter what kind of footwear you decide to sport. You can also find yourself with bunions from injury to the foot, certain diseases (arthritis) that change the shape of your toes, and your foot type. People with flat feet or high arches might suffer from bunions more often than those with a “normal” foot type.Shoes do not cause the bony bumps to form, but they may definitely contribute to their existence. When your feet and toes are crammed into tight shoes it can put great pressure on the big toe joint, which can then begin to press outward. If you know you are at a greater risk, you may want to consider different shoes.

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