In order to prevent athlete’s foot, you need to take a few extra precautions. These fungal infection prevention tips can make all the difference.Since fungus tends to grow in warm, damp environments (such as your shoes), you need to be sure to give your footwear ample time to air out. Shoes take at least 24 hours to fully dry, so have an extra pair to swap. If you plan to use the gym shower or a public pool, it’s a good idea to wear flip flops so that your skin isn’t touching areas where others have been. Lastly, make sure all of your grooming implements are kept clean and sanitized. If you go to a salon for a pedicure, make sure they are doing the same with their instruments (or bring your own).For more information about preventing athlete’s foot, call Dr. Mitchell Wachtel at (978) 794-8406 to schedule an appointment in our Bradford, MA office.