Why Us?

Have you been experiencing heel pain recently? There is no reason to worry, because heel pain is a common problem for many people. At our office, heel pain comprises 40% of what we treat. As a result, we have developed a heel pain center to meet all of your needs where we use cutting edge technology to treat your pain in a short period of time and exhaust all non-invasive therapies before considering surgery. In order to evaluate your injury, we will first use diagnostic imaging techniques including X-Rays and Ultrasound. We can then decide which therapy will work best for you. We have a wide variety of non-invasive options including: night splints, bracing, casting, cortisone therapy, orthotics, laser therapy and physical therapy. If these do not work, then surgery can be considered. We also have a shoe store at our office where we can help you find the brand and type of shoe to accommodate your foot type, provide stability and provide enough space for an orthotic. You will be professionally measured to ensure the best fit, and can order your shoes right from our office. We provide an all service center to meet all of your heel pain needs.

Better Service:

During your first office visit, Dr. Wachtel will evaluate the way you walk and do a complete biomechanical exam to determine what your foot type is and the range of motion of your foot. This will allow him to discuss the best type of stretching and the best shoe for your foot type. It is important to us to provide you with the best treatment that we can. We utilize Ultrasound imaging to determine the location of your injury and target it with anti-inflammatory cortisone therapy to relieve pain. We also utilize non-invasive laser therapy to help relieve inflammation.Our practice has been open for 18 years and has been continuously growing and evolving to meet your podiatric needs. We currently have four centers within our practice, which include the heel pain center, diabetic care center, laser center for treating thickened nails and the ingrown nail center. Through these smaller practices within our practice we are able to treat your podiatric concerns with the newest techniques, providing you with the utmost of care. Through these efforts we are working to help you become a healthier and happier you.