If you have an old ankle injury that is causing instability, it can lead to problems with walking and getting around. Don’t let unstable ankles keep you home this weekend.

People think you have to live an active lifestyle to sustain an ankle injury, but that’s simply untrue. Sometimes just walking on uneven ground is enough to turn your ankle and cause an injury. There are three main types of ankle problems: sprains, strains, and fractures. A sprain is damage to the ligaments, a strain is damage to the muscles or tendons, and a fracture is damage to the bones. Any of these can occur when your ankle goes too far out of its range of motion.

Repeated ankle sprains can lead to ankle instability. If you don’t get it treated, it can also contribute to bruising in the cartilage, bone spurs, and even arthritis. It’s important to start a strengthening program so that the ankle can regain stability. In many cases, surgical treatment may be necessary to tighten up the ligaments. Repairing the ligaments or performing a tendon graft can keep the ankle strong and stable. Surgery has a very high success rate with little or no chance of recurring injury.

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