It may surprise you, but your feet can be allergic to things, too! When your skin has an allergic reaction to something it’s known as “contact dermatitis”. It simply means you have sensitivity to something, whether it be a type of fiber, a plant, or (in extreme cases) even the air. Your feet may become red, itchy, swollen, and irritated. Some common allergens in shoes include rubber, leather, dye, glue, and the metal parts. Treatment is simple. You have to remove the allergen from your skin, which also means never wearing those types of shoes again. There are also anti-itch creams that you can use until your itchiness and swelling goes down.If you have more questions or concerns about how to avoid foot allergens call Dr. Mitchell Wachtel at (978) 794-8406 to book your appointment with us in one of three Massachusetts office locations.