Swelling in the Achilles tendon plagues athletes, especially runners, more than others. More often than not, that area does not get warmed up enough before physical activity occurs. If you are training for the next Boston Marathon, then you will want to make sure to stay Achilles tendinitis free.The main reason that swelling occurs is because of overstraining the area. Don’t just ignore this problem and hope it will go away while continuing to do what you’ve been doing. If you do, your pain will continue and will likely get worse. This can lead to more serious problems like tearing or rupturing, and may result in the need for surgical intervention. When swelling is the primary symptom, the condition can be fixed using more conservative methods.For now, stop the exercise that is causing the pain. Switch from high-impact sports (running, jumping) to low-impact sports (swimming, stretching) to let the swelling go down. When you gradually introduce running back into your routine, start out slowly on level ground. Wear shoes that offer support or invest in a custom-made orthotic. Always stretch the muscles in your calves and feet before going out for a run.  In fact, you should be stretching these areas every day to increase flexibility, which will avoid a repeat injury.

If you are seeing swelling or feeling pain in your Achilles tendon area, call Mitchell J. Wachtel, DPM today at (978) 794-8406 to schedule an appointment at one of our three Massachusetts offices. Don’t let Achilles tendinitis turn into a more serious problem, and don’t let it cramp your running style.