Athletes and Marathon Runners... I am Verklempt


Work with a Sports Medicine Physician, and a Runner
Podiatrist Dr. Wachtel


Athletes and Marathon Runners… I am Verklempt

Podiatrist doctor Wachtel is a runner and a sports medicine physician who is a specialist in runners athletic feet issues.  After many requests from other athletes Doctor Wachtel has recently started his own podcast, “Athletes and Marathon Runners… I am Verklempt”.

People who are on their feet the entire day, as well as avid walkers, runners and athletes will greatly benefit from this terrific podcast that focuses on foot health, practices, and products that can enhance your overall experience.

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Enhancing Your Foot Health Journey with Dr. Mitchell Wachtel, DPM

Are you an athlete or a passionate marathon runner seeking expert podiatric care in North Andover, Massachusetts? Look no further. Dr. Mitchell Wachtel, a seasoned sports medicine physician and dedicated runner himself, is here to cater to all your athletic foot needs. We proudly present our latest venture, the “Athletes and Marathon Runners… I am Verklempt” podcast, a valuable resource for individuals constantly on their feet.

Common Athlete Foot Problems

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Podiatrist Doctor Wachtel is offering a limited run book free to athletes and runners.
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Comprehensive Podiatry Services in North Andover

Beyond podcasting, Dr. Wachtel and his team provide a wide range of podiatry services to address various foot concerns. Conveniently located at 451 Andover St, Suite 300, North Andover, MA 01845, our office is equipped to assist with:

Diabetic Foot Care

– Custom orthotics
– Wound care
– Specialized shoe programs

Children’s Foot Care

– Ensuring healthy development

Foot Skin & Nail Health

– Addressing common dermatological issues

Working Feet Assistance

– Catering to individuals with occupation-related foot concerns

Active & Athletic Feet

– Tailored solutions for athletes

Support in Corrective Footwear

– Guidance on choosing the right footwear

Sports Podiatry

– Specialized care for sports enthusiasts