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Recovering After Surgery for Bunions

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Painful feet from uncomfortable shoesSpring may still feel like a lifetime away (will winter ever end?!), but now may be a perfect time to think about bunion surgery. Recovering after surgery takes time, especially with operations on your feet. It’s important to know what to expect so that you can heal properly and get ready for the warmer weather!

Bunions are bumps that form on the side of the big toe when pressure or biomechanical issues cause it lean towards the other toes. This can be a very uncomfortable condition, because it can be difficult to fit this deformity into a shoe. On top of that, they are prone to developing calluses, because they may rub against the inside of your shoes.

There are many different ways to treat a bunion conservatively. Switching your footwear to a pair that has roomier toe boxes is one way. There are also stretches you can perform and orthotics you can wear. Sometimes these work, and other times they don’t. If you’ve exhausted all other treatment options, it may be time to consider surgery.

Bunion surgery usually entails the removal of the enlarged part of the bone, and then realigning the rest of the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This is usually an outpatient procedure, which means you can go home the same day.

Now comes the fun part: recovering after surgery! It’s a good idea to prepare your home for at least the first 48 hours when you will be completely off your feet. Make sure you have someone there to help you with things you can’t do. It’s important to keep your wound clean and follow all of your doctor’s orders with regard to wound care. To keep swelling down, you can prop your foot up with a few pillows. After you are able to put pressure on your foot, you may be advised to undergo physical therapy to rebuild your strength.

If you have more questions about bunion surgery recovery call Dr. Mitchell Wachtel at (978) 794-8406 to schedule an appointment in one of three offices: North Andover, Haverhill, or Lowell.


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Dr. Mitchell Wachtel
Dr. Mitchell Wachtel is a North Andover podiatrist who specializes in the treatment of the feet and ankles.
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