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How Can I Treat My Nail Fungus?

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With the cold winter weather wreaking havoc on the east coast, many of us are choosing to do our workouts inside at the gym rather than go running outside. The bad news is that the showers at these types of facilities are often cesspools for bacteria. If you don’t wear shower shoes you might just find yourself with a nasty case of nail fungus.

Preventing and Treating Nail FungusThe first sign is a small yellow or white dot underneath the nail bed. If you notice this you should get to a doctor right away before it spreads.  There are many variations, but a fungal infection usually presents itself in one or more of the following ways: you might notice that your nails have become discolored, crumbly, distorted, or thickened; there may be pain in the affected area; and there may even be a foul odor.

This condition can be treated most effectively if caught early. Available options include oral medication, anti-fungal nail polish, topical creams, nail removal, laser therapy for toenail fungus, and, in very severe cases, surgery. The best way to treat an infection is by preventing it in the first place. Always remember to keep your feet dry and clean and allow them to breathe from time to time. 

If you think you may be suffering from a nail fungus infection, give Dr. Mitchell Wachtel a call at (978) 794-8406 to schedule a visit at one of his three Massachusetts offices. Together we will nurse your feet back to health!

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Dr. Mitchell Wachtel
Dr. Mitchell Wachtel is a North Andover podiatrist who specializes in the treatment of the feet and ankles.
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