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Do You Have Pain in the Top of your Toe?

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Pain the the top of your toeHave you noticed a bump forming underneath your nail? When you wear shoes, does the top of your big toe is hurt? It is possible that you could have a benign growth under your nail or even a spur on the bone of your big toe.

Either of these conditions are very common, but people often ignore the pain until it becomes unbearable because they think they just can’t remember bumping their toe or slamming it into the bedpost. Although those situations are common as well, you would usually see some signs of bruising or you would have noticed due to the throbbing pain. If you notice the top of your nail hurting though, there is a possibility that you could have something under the nail that is causing the problem.

So, what can you do? A visit to your local podiatrist will be able to help you figure out what exactly is going on. If it is something bony, a simple x-ray will reveal the true colors of your pain. If it is not bony, then examining your toenail and seeing if there is a growth underneath will determine if removing your toenail and then the growth will get rid of your pain. Do not worry though, removing your toenail does not mean that it will never come back. It will just take some time for a new one to replace it.

If you are feeling pain in your toe, you should seek medical care. Dr. Mitchell Wachtel serves patients in the areas of North Andover, Haverhill, and Lowell and seeks to alleviate the pain they experience in their feet and ankles. If you’re concerned about pain in your toes, schedule an appointment with him today!

Dr. Mitchell Wachtel
Dr. Mitchell Wachtel is a North Andover podiatrist who specializes in the treatment of the feet and ankles.
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